How To Systematically Grow Your SaaS by Greg Bardwell

How To Systematically Grow Your SaaS

Must-Have Growth Course for SaaS Founders

The step-by-step framework for growth on the entire customer journey.
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Go From Slow or No Growth To High Growth

No tricks or empty promises. You still have to do the work. This course will show you how to take advantage of automation, funnels, and proven SaaS processes to accelerate your growth.

Not Just Tactics... But a Strategy & Process For Continued SaaS Growth

Learn how to use tactics within a framework to grow your audience, your trial conversions, and your customer base and retention.

You Will Learn...

 ⇒  How to create and manage lead flow.
How to 2X (double or more) your trial activations with signup flows.
How to increase your trial-to-customer conversions 20+% using behavior-based email automations.
Monitor customer health and reduce churn.
Use marketing automation in all aspects of your customer lifecycle.

Is This You?

Your web traffic or leads fall on the floor? 
Your trial signups are not using your App?
Your trials do not convert to customers?

Then you need to fix these problems, now! 

Yes, SaaS is a long haul business. But that does not mean it needs to be slow.

As a matter of fact, slow growth can kill a SaaS...because of churn and the long time usually needed to cover customer acquisition costs.

You need to accelerate the growth rate! But how?
This is what this course is going to show you! A step-by-step process of what to put into place for this marathon to give you the GROWTH YOU WANT!!

The 6-Stages of the SaaS Customer Journey

How to use these stages for your hockey stick growth?
  • I will tell you where to start 
  • I will  show you what to do
  • I’ll tell you costly mistakes to avoid
  • I’ll show you what you need to learn ASAP in order to be successful
  • I’ll define the processes you need to put in place, and in what order

The order of doing the strategies is crucial!

As an early-stage SaaS you need to grow your customers ASAP!

That is why the framework and processes you will learn from the Course will SAVE YOU tremendous amount of time, money, and heartache on your path to success. 

Is This Course For You?

Not if…
… you have a staff of 10 marketers trying to go from a 3% to a 3.5% conversion rate.
… you have a ton of money to burn…

YES, it is for you if…
… you are a SaaS founder...
… a technical founder…
… not a marketer or growth hacker…
… do not have high growth SaaSy business experience...
… are bootstrapping or have limited resources


You are willing to put in the work…
… to build the processes
to get that compound interest ….
That hockey stick curve that you think your App should get but is not.

Are you wiling to put the processes in place to insure success?

What's Included?

  1. End-To-End View
    • 5-Stages of Customer Journey
    • When to use each stage and why
    • All the parts in alignment and harmony
    • You are not there yet
    • When will you be there
    • Why you should not worry about it now
  2. Self-service or Sale based approach?
    • Does it matter?
    • When it matters.
    • How it matters
  3. Musings on Business Models
    • Pricing...Why it matters even starting out
    • Sales or Marketing Led
    • CAC and LTV
    • Can you make it work?
    • Where to start...i
  4. Your Target Customers 
    • Identifying your niche..and why smaller is better.
      • Why you want to niche down!
      • Define niche?
      • Or finding a niche?
    • Listening to Users & Interviews or NOT?
    • If in alignment with your goals and strategy
    • DO NOT get distracted by:
      • Short term things
      • Features or paths that are not aligned with your goals/vision
      • Exceptions
    • Listen and learn but do not react! Act carefully.
  5. Saas Marketing Process
    • Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Product Aware
    • Re-Targeting
    • Nurturing
    • Chaining Funnels
    • Trial, Conversion, Retention
    • Education
    • Engagement … entire life cycle
  6. Identifying your persona(s)
    • Why it is important at each stage
    • Each stage is different
    • Your value messaging...Positioning
  7. Where to start?
    • Why this is important for early-stage SaaS businesses
    • Product Awareness: Start Here
    • Trials: Second
    • Retention: Third
    • Solution Aware: Fourth
    • Problem Aware: Fifth
  8. Processes Overview
    • Aligning
    • By Stages
    • Education
    • Lead capture
    • Nurturing
    • Discipline & Execution
  9. Audience Building
    • From day one
    • Content
    • Education
    • Funnels
    • Re-Targeting
    • Nurturing
    • Followup
    • The path to the hockey stick, compound interest
  10. Finding your channel(s) … Why?
    • 1 to 2 to start
    • Follow others
    • Experiments
    • Assuming
    • The importance of channel and messaging alignment
  11. Running Channel Experiments
    • Cold Email
    • Social Outreach
    • Advertising
    • Content Marketing
    • Webinar
    • Influencers
    • Partnerships
    • etc.
  12. Content Strategy -- the importance of education in SaaS Sales
    • Problem Aware
    • Solution Aware
    • Product Aware,
    • Trials & Conversion
    • Retention
  13. Metrics and KPIs
    • By Stage
    • By Channel
  14. Other
    • Levers
    • Affiliate marketing
  15. Build your lead flow
    • Get more leads
    • Get better quality leads
    • Lead scoring
    • Convert these leads to trials and customers better
  16. Convert More Trials
    • Set expectations
    • Educate your users
    • Engage trial users
    • Emails sequences
    • In-App event-based messaging
    • Create a path to that Aha Moment
    • Measuring Trial Flow
    • Convert
    • Post-trial marketing automations
  17. Reduce churn are another growth metric
    • Measuring In-App events
    • Education
    • Reducing churn
    • Catching before it happens

Meet Your Instructor

Greg Bardwell is a Serial Entrepreneur with 20+ years of startup experience. He has been the co-found or founder of 5 SaaS businesses and been in the Marketing Technology space for the last 10 years.
He is the founder and CEO of Saturn Funnels, a marketing automation tool for early-stage SaaS founders. In this role he works with dozens of founders every month.
This makes Greg uniquely qualified to teach other founders how to grow their SaaS with a well-defined process.